Boost your partners and boost your indirect sales

MyPRM was created as an alternative to traditional PRM platforms: more flexible, business-oriented modules and functionality, with ergonomic user interfaces, to help companies leverage the power of their distribution channels.

MyPRM launches its partner program

Take advantage of a growing market: With only 50% of companies claiming to use a software Channel for their indirect sales, the market could double in the years to come. In addition, 59% of companies will increase their spending on Software Channel. *
* Source Forrester





conflict reduction
revenue growth
cost reduction
time savings

Source PAD 2020-2021


CEO profil

Generate a higher turnover and reduce your management costs from the first year of use

Channel manager profil

Manage your partner network and bring them Added Value with MyPRM

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Integrate MyPRM into your technological ecosystem with extreme ease and in record time

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) connects the dots between partner selection, recruiting, onboarding, training, motivation, co-selling, co-marketing and management. With the growing number and types of partners, running a multi-channel program requires less of a linear approach today and more of automated, personalized, customized and scalable workflows.
It is made up of two interconnected tools:
A partner portal for managing leads and opportunities, accessing your document library, as well as monitoring marketing and financial actions, etc.
A management platform for your teams, a single point of entry for getting to know your partners, managing activities and exchanges, and monitoring indirect performance.
To learn more, download our white paper: WHAT IS A PRM?

Partner portal

Single and secure point of entry offering your partners all the tools to better sell your solutions


Your partners become true ambassadors of your brand by personalizing your marketing materials in strict compliance with your graphic charter

Business plan / Marketing plan

Allow your partners to monitor sales targets and jointly planned marketing actions at any time

Declaration and sharing of sales opportunities

Your partners protect their opportunities by declaring them to you, and benefit from leads that you share with them

Content libraries

Your partners can access an up-to-date documentary database at any time and you can precisely define their access rights according to criteria that you have defined

Training and certification

strengthen the capacity of your partners to generate business by offering them certifying training courses available at any time, follow their progress in real time

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Recruitment and integration of partners

Promote your partner program and generate qualified partner leads through a public portal, and once signed, invite new partners to your private portal.

Partner management dashboard

Get 24/7 visibility into your partners' performance with MyPRM dashboards, statistics and automated reports.

Partner training and certification

Facilitate and automate the training of your partners, validate their knowledge, enhance them with certifications, follow their progress in real time.

Business plan / Marketing plan

Define precise objectives with your partners and monitor their performance, plan marketing actions and validate their proper execution as well as their effectiveness.

Marketing materials

Easily manage access, based on configurable rights with great granularity, to a library of documents and marketing materials via your private portal. Quickly create pages dedicated to your marketing campaigns that your partners can relay.

Event-based email notifications

A set of email notifications, automated and customizable, facilitate the flow of exchanges between you and your partners.

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Barbara Olla
Director of Partnerships and Alliances
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"Thanks to MyPRM we can now follow all our partners in a simple and regular way! The possibility of having two portals (one public and one private) has enabled us to meet our two main challenges, which are the recruitment of new partners and animation of existing partners. In addition, the team, responsive and efficient, is very open to any idea of ​​improvement, which leaves room for many new features, present and future. "

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Deputy Director Indirect Distribution
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“We called on MyPRM to help us structure our indirect distribution activity.
After performing a benchmark, only the MyPRM solution met all of our needs: recruiting new partners, informing our partners, centralizing data, managing leads, running a portfolio of multi-offer partners (co-branding tool, content libraries, Business Plan, follow-up of partner events etc.)
The solution is User Friendly oriented and the team was able to support us and develop the specificities necessary to meet our particularities despite a very tight schedule and during a national strike.
The availability, listening and responsiveness of the team are one of the strengths in the implementation of our project.
We have even speeded up production in the context of a health crisis to centralize communication with our partners and organize business monitoring.
Thanks to MyPRM for its professionalism ”.

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David Vandenborght
Mapping Suite Development
Development de Mapping Suite
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“In full growth, Mapping Suite is taking a strategic turn by strengthening its network of partners. To better manage the development of our activated channel and alliances, we have chosen myprm. In a few weeks, the project team piloted the implementation of the PRM (Partner Relationship Management) platform by interfacing with the existing ecosystem, including our SalesForce CRM.

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François Daures
VP Alliances & Channel Sales
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“We have structured a strong indirect approach for which tools were needed to make life easier for partners. This is where deploying MyPRM has saved us precious time and allows us to show partners that we are committing resources and investments to them. "

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Laurence Dugué
VP Alliances & Channel International
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“We chose MyPRM because the implementation is quite simple: the solution is interfaced with market CRMs including the one we use, also interfaced with our e-learning tool. Above all, MyPRM integrates a co-marketing tool which allows partners to access Generix documents and to insert their logos, addresses and verbatims themselves. Finally, for our partners who are located all over the world, we needed to have a portal available in English. "

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“I discovered a solution that gives partners real possibilities, such as using content, personalizing it and running targeted campaigns. MyPRM is, in my opinion, the only solution on the market covering the entire channel management value chain. "

Logo PAD
René Causse
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"MyPRM is a solution that allows you to manage your partnership strategy while meeting the expectations of all indirect players. An essential solution to claim to be "channel ready"! MyPRM is fully compatible with the PAD methodology. "

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MyPRM the “made in France” solution
Member of French Tech, supported by Business France and BPI, “Made in France” to the end: our entire team (R&D, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, etc.) is located in our Paris offices, by your side to meet your needs!

of growth

More income from your Channel

Many companies invest in their Channel, but those who know where and how to invest are outperforming

You need to know who your top performing partners are and reward them

Without MyPRM or with tools that lack analysis, you are driving blind !.

he focus of a company for the purchase of its PRM concerns in particular the management of prospects and business (opportunities).

yPRM allows you to generate more than 31% growth simply by tracking your prospects and business with greater speed, rigor and control.


conflict reduction

Conflict elimination

The main reason for partner attrition is conflict management. If you don't know what your partners and direct sales team are doing on a business you risk:
- Conflict with / between your partners
- Legal exposure
- Loss of high added value partners

With its efficient and user-friendly interface for recording opportunities and deals, MyPRM allows you to reduce your conflicts by 36%.


cost reduction

More intensive use of your talents

Your business probably has a competent, experienced, and skilled Channel team. Channel managers who can recruit the best partners and work with them to create the most profitable strategies.

They are gold for you. However, they are often forced to work on spreadsheets for tracking recruitments, marketing expenses, pipe tracking ... you are wasting their value and time.

By automating operational matters, your best talents can focus on creating value, improving relationships with your partners ... Thanks to the automation of operations with MyPRM, you can accelerate your partnership program without having to hire new ones. additional resources.


time saving

Partners who perform faster

Onboarding new partners is usually the first interaction with your business. This creates the first impression on the quality of the experience they will have with you.

Business Plans (Sales and Marketing) change and need to be updated regularly. Without an automated tool, your team will be overloaded with important administrative work, your partners will experience a slow and outdated process. The more automated, faster and frictionless your process, the better your partners' experience with MyPRM will be, the faster they will gain in productivity and the more you will save in operating costs.


of commitment

More committed partners

Most companies see an increase in the number of partners logging into their Public and Private partner portal, when they deploy a PRM.

With MyPRM, “Connect” is easier, the content is updated and the user experience is simple.


of sales growth

Better trained teams who sell better

Companies often find that their direct sales teams sell more than their indirect sales. And that's probably because they're better trained. No matter how experienced your partners are, without training they will not be good at selling your products. MyPRM facilitates the training of employees of your partners. Track the progress of this training and make sure they are familiar with your products and services, as well as your own people.

Give your program a boost to your indirect channel. Through a training program and using MyPRM to track and train your partners, you will increase the number of leads and deals registered by your newly trained partners by 48%.


more profitable

Better tools for your team

As in the case of training, if your direct sales teams perform better than indirect ones. Very often this is because they do not have equal access to sales promotion tools.

It should be as easy for your indirect teams to access it as it is for your direct team. The trend will continue if you do not correct this disparity.


savings per year

More efficient technology spending

As IT purchasing moves into business functions, the proliferation of solutions is often a challenge. By providing a global solution covering the entire life cycle of the partner, MyPRM helps companies:

• More visibility of performance thanks to a solution that is easy to integrate into your ecosystem
• Controlled license costs
• Single sign-on for partners for a better user experience

Vous économiserez des dizaines de milliers d’euro You will save tens of thousands of euros in license and maintenance costs by consolidating your ecosystem with MyPRM.


increase in performance

More value from more partners

In most programs, the bulk of income is generated by a small percentage of partners (80/20).

Think about the value you could get from your program if you activated 10% or 20% of your partner base to provide the same income as your top partners. This is possible by using MyPRM which optimizes the business, marketing and financial performance ... of a greater number of your partners.

You can improve your top partner's performance by 32% with the same number of partners.


speed of growth

Improved recruitment

The first impression of your partner program is your PRM portal. For a perfect user experience, your partner portal must live up to this promise. 86% of partners make their decision whether or not to work with a brand on the basis of their partner portal. Forrester estimates that $ 1 invested in a PRM saves $ 10 in less administrative work.

Your partners will amplify your marketing strategy.

Your partners are a force for multiplication! They can help you reach tens of thousands of additional people (while protecting your brand). Thanks to the marketing modules integrated in MyPRM (email, co-branding, e-learning ...), your smallest partners work as the most important.

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