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myprm, that’s us!

The whole team is based in France: all the people and services you require are located in our Paris offices.

A huge benefit for us (and you!) because we work much better together! On the team, we all have a clear, cross-functional vision of each other’s roles. This is largely thanks to our Wednesday ‘good mood meet-up’, a breakfast meeting where we get together, share our news and discuss our hits and misses.
richard bessis
President & Co-Founder

People call me a ‘serial entrepreneur’ because I’ve always been incredibly business-minded. Creativity is in my blood and after over 20 years spent creating and innovating, myprm is something of a culmination of all my efforts.

loic bavencoff
CEO & Co-Founder

When people ask how I am, I answer, ‘I’m great, life is sweet!’ – people who like me are pleased to hear it but it annoys anyone who doesn’t like me! People have noticed that when I say goodbye, I always say ‘Have a nice day’ and add a personal note.

Arnaud Tarabout
Customer Success Manager

Empathy is in my genes. My job is to understand, anticipate and provide a high added-value experience for the clients that place their trust in us, making sure that myprm’s corporate culture remains resolutely ‘customer-obsessed’.

célia kaloun
Customer Success Manager

My vocation, my passion is the unwavering link between our devoted team and our delighted clients. My love of life, my attentiveness and my responsiveness are what inspire me to bring value and enhance our clients’ experience, day after day.

Lead developer

My game is web language and I keep a close eye on latest web trends. The latest application or in-demand technology? I’m already aware!

Front-end web developer

My goal is to improve our solution day after day, to continuously increase our clients’ satisfaction, and to use my passion for coding to develop an ever-more innovative solution.

Marketing manager

My job is to use my passion for web marketing and my good humour to boost myprm’s business!


I’m a great optimist and throw all my energy into my work. I’m not afraid of a challenge – on the contrary, that’s what motivates me!


Life is not a series of good and bad situations. Life is all about the people we meet, the ones that help us reach our shared goals through daily challenges.


In the big rugby-playing regions, hard work, respect, team spirit and commitment prevail, all values that Max is keen to defend!

Do you want to be part of our adventure?